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The Steam LP is Back for Coffee Masters USA

23 August 2019

Every barista knows it; Slayer Espresso makes espresso machines to die for. Handcrafted in Seattle for a decade, their machines set the agenda and standard for specialty coffee. 
We’re thrilled to welcome Slayer Espresso as the official espresso machine sponsor of Coffee Masters, where their iconic Steam LP will be hitting the Coffee Masters stage. Read on to find out why this innovative machine has changed the game, in competitions and coffee shops alike.

"Coffee Masters has a reputation for challenging current platforms and bringing a playful side to competition in coffee," says Sarah Dooley, Product Marketing & Lead Educator at Slayer Espresso. "This is our second year as the event sponsor and we are just as stoked to share our baby with these industry professionals.”

The Steam LP made its competition debut at Coffee Masters USA at The New York Coffee Festival in 2018. One year later, the advancements in UI for ease of navigation and programming along with the ability to operate in both manual mode or volumetrics, the feedback is still extraordinarily positive. “This machine is pure fun to brew on! Dialing in old school in manual mode, taste and save the shot you like to a volumetric setting... is a breath of fresh air for all barista levels. The quick adjust and calibration features are the cherry on top!” says Dooley. 

When it comes to the nitty gritty details of the machine, the Steam LP is unparalleled in the coffee industry. It was created first and foremost with the barista in mind, made using cutting-edge technology. "It's about form and function, baby," says Dooley. "At the end of the day if it feels right, is repeatable, reliable and fun to serve with, why would you choose anything else?"

Features including programmable pre-infusion, two settings per group, advanced dual volumetrics and classic pump driven extraction just scrape the surface. The quality is matched by aesthetic, with it’s low profile mirror polished stainless steel body, ink black wings, and automatic shot lights.
Of the many high-tech features, one of the most beloved by coffee professionals is its ability to automatically record recipes, two settings per group, allowing baristas to run multiple coffees at once. “The machine automatically records recipes as you dial in, making it super simple to remember, save and copy those settings across group-heads,” says Jacob Smithers, Senior Content Manager & Copywriter at Slayer Espresso, “the LP truly meets the baristas needs at every level.”

A barista makes coffee on the Slayer Steam LP espresso machine.

The introduction of the Steam LP came exactly ten years after the launch of Slayer Espresso’s first ever machine. The first high-design, high-concept flagship espresso machine made instant waves in the coffee world, and Slayer Espresso became a global marker of quality. Case in point, you’ll find their machines in top tier coffee shops like Devocion, East One Coffee Roasters and Bluestone Lane, all renowned for flawless serves. As Slayer’s Australasia Sales Manager, Ross Quail put it, “Slayer Espresso has done it again.”

"People don't just go to shops for coffee," says Dooley. "They go for the love of people, to connect, experience and to be taken care of. This is a precious opportunity often taken for granted.  Our low-profile machines open up the barrier to communication while the massive drain tray and volumetrics keep the professional barista busy staging and brewing consistent, delicious beverages."
Those attending The Los Angeles Coffee Festival will have the chance to see the Steam LP at Coffee Masters, where America’s top baristas will compete over three days to win the coveted Coffee Master title and a $5,000 prize. Join the crowd to watch the Slayer machine in action and don’t forget to check out the Slayer booth, adjacent of the Coffee Masters stage and have the team answer any of your burning questions—rumor has it they’ll have their other newly released machine, the Steam EP.

Buy your tickets to The Los Angeles Coffee Festival here!

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