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Slayer Espresso Has A New Release, Just in time for LACF

05 November 2019

Check out Slayer Espresso's latest launch at The Los Angeles Coffee Festival.

Ahead of The Los Angeles Coffee Festival and Coffee Masters, Slayer Espresso has released the Steam LPx, a new design option for their latest machine, the Steam LP. A testament that Slayer Espresso truly does listen to their audience in order to create machines that they want and that improve the workflow of baristas, access for technicians and reliability for cafe owners. 
The Steam LPx features Brown Duratex handles, actuators & cup rail, super chrome polished wings, and a choice of panel colors including Bone Beige, Crimson Red, Seattle Sky Blue, and Galaxy Black. 
Slayer Espresso continues to create incredibly innovative and intuitive products that Make Coffee Better on every level and couldn't make for a better machine sponsor for this years Coffee Masters competition!

Look for this new addition to the Slayer lineup on stage at Coffee Masters during LACF and pop by Slayer booth A10 to find out more about the machine.

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