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The LACF Team
29 October 2018


The Los Angeles Coffee Festival is a celebration of the fast evolving specialty coffee community in L.A., and there's never been a more exciting time to try it. 

With thousands of free coffees to try, your festival ticket is a passport to a journey of taste discovery. From the most exciting commercial machine manufacturers, to innovative, small batch roasters and artisan cafés, the best in the business are joining us for the ride.

Whether you’re a coffee pro or you’re just getting started on your coffee journey, there’s an experience for everyone. Test and train your palette by sampling countless brews, and party alongside L.A.'s top baristas.

Here are four coffee highlights not to miss…

The True Artisan Café
Celebrating their ultra-slick machines, La Marzocco is back with The True Artisan Café. Expert baristas from the coolest local cafés and roasteries, will showcase La Marzocco's machines, offer you an espresso or signature drink and a chance to try-out Linea Mini yourself. These hand-selected independent roasters and cafés will run take overs of the La Marzocco machines all weekend long.
New-Generation Roasts 
There are plenty of exciting, boundary-pushing roasts on offer to launch the Los Angeles Coffee Festival.  Expect a local, national and international roasters, from Verve to Devocion and La Cabra. These are some of the most exciting, experimental beans in town, and who gets to road-test them? You.

Latte Art Live
You’ve seen them on Instagram, and now they are at work right in front of you. Phoenix, rosetta or swan; you name it, the legends will pour it.  MC'd by the legendary Eden-Marie Abramowicz, Latte Art Live will feature the world's best baristas, from Dritan Alsela, to Angie Chun, Steve Joonhyung Kim, Barista Dee, Lance Hendrick and Chase Davis Nissen. Plus, every evening, Coffee Mixologists will take over Latte Art Live, to mix up incredible coffee-based cocktails, freestyle.

The Tasting Room
Running in tandem with The Lab programme, The Tasting Room is a space of flavor discovery. Join masterclasses and interactive workshops in this intimate and dynamic space and try some of the most interesting products going, from coffee, to tea and cocktails. Enhance your flavor recognition and sensory experience with coffee tastings, like Bar Nine's Panama Geisha session, learn to make the ultimate cocktails with Grey Goose, and take a matcha lesson with Art of Tea.

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