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The Roasters at The Los Angeles Coffee Festival

29 October 2018



At the heart of specialty coffee, there are the roasters; they set the standard for craftsmanship and innovation in the community. The elements that link coffee communities at origin to the booming network of coffee drinkers here in L.A.. 

In short, roasters are the rockstars of the coffee world; the experimental rebels who let you wake up to coffee at its very best.

At The Los Angeles Coffee Festival, you can expect to find the very best local micro-roasters alongside well-loved L.A. favourites, like Verve and Cognoscenti. Discover the coolest roasting initiatives in your community and get to know the faces behind the beans. Here's what to expect...


The True Artisan Café

Celebrating local, independent coffee communities, this legendary La Marzocco pop-up is at the heart of the specialty coffee movement.  The rotating coffee shop concept is designed for you to meet the baristas and artisan roasters one-on-one. 30+ different independent cafés will take over La Marzocco’s espresso machines to create a bespoke coffee-based signature drink.  Watch, sample and party on down with the L.A.’s top baristas.

The Living Room

Coffeehall, China Town's coffee shop network, is teaming up with Cognoscenti Coffee Roasters to offer a place to chill and grab a brew at The Festival. Kick back and relax with some of the top roasters in town and nationwide at this pop-up coffee shop, at the heart of The Los Angeles Coffee Festival. Armed with a Sanremo espresso machine and an army of different roasters, from La Cabra to Devocion and Tailored, you can expect to try the delicious, weird and wonderful.

Meet the Roasters

Visit the roasters at their own booths to meet the personalities behind the beans and ask any questions you have. From Verve Coffee Roasters, to Klatch Coffee, Arcadia Coffee Roasters, Pecora, Bluestone Lane and Unity Coffee, the roasters will be inviting you into their worlds to try their most incredible beans. Check them all out and let us know who you loved most at @losangelescoffeefestival on Instagram.

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