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Delicious Coffee Cocktail Recipes to Try at Home

23 October 2019

take your coffee up a notch with these delicious coffee cocktail recipes.

The Los Angeles Coffee Festival will have five delicious cocktails (including coffee cocktails!) on the menu, curated by Oban Whisky, Licor 43 and Black Cow.

Stop by the Coffee Cocktail Bar all weekend long to sample one of these tasty bevys. And, if you'd like to make them yourself at home, check out the recipes below.

Oban Cold Brew

1.5oz Oban 14
.75oz Cold brew Coffee
2.5 oz Fever Tree Indian Tonic
Orange Twist


1.5oz Oban 14
1oz Lemon Juice
0.75oz Honey Ginger Syrup - 0.75 oz
0.25oz Lagavulin 16
Ginger Candy

Espresso Martini

2oz Black Cow 
1.5oz Fresh cooled espresso
0.5oz maple syrup
3 coffee beans

Dorset Donkey

0.5oz of simple syrup
Juice of Half a Lime
1.5oz Black Cow
Ginger Beer

The Carajillo (Car-Ah-Hee-Yo)

1.5oz of Licor 43
1.5 Espresso

Tea Time

2oz Double Cross Vodka or Martin Miller’s
Gin infused with Earl Grey Tea
1oz Lemon Juice
1oz Licor 43

Try these delicious beverages for yourself at LACF. Tickets are still available here!

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